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See Exactly What A Prostatitis Sufferer did to Sidestep
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and Apply It to Bring About a Permanent Prostatitis Cure.

You're well aware now that Prostatitis is a serious condition. But do you ever think about how much worse it might get? In my case, my thoughts and actions were continually doing battle with my condition at the present time, never ever considering how much worse it could get. However as time went by, it got a lot lot worse. It went from bladder/urethral pain through to ever-present bladder, urethral, groin, epididymide, lower back and testicle, continual pain.. Every minute of the day, every day of the week. At the start it was a relatively bearable, later on my life became totally ruined; a life in hell; my sleep, my relationships, my work, my enjoyment of life at any level.. was totally ruined.

You may have come to a conclusion by now in your mind that all medical avenues are hopeless, (depending on how far along the infection progression that you are) that medical tests and treatment methods able to Cure your Prostatitis condition don't exist. Certainly, the fact that there is no national treatment protocol in our public medical system is disgraceful. As a Prostatitis Sufferer, you could be forgiven for thinking you'll never be cured, given the general lack of awareness, care and knowledge displayed by the average medical professional when it comes to chronic infections. But take heart.. you can take control of your health and learn how to be Cured; Yes, this Cure Plan is available to you right now.

Having a chronic illness is an insidious process as it alters your ability to function in life; over a long period, the day to day changes are subtle but the damage in the long term is significant to your body.. and your mind. As much as we hate and feel bad about what is happening, we tend to adjust to each new stage of the reality affecting us.

But no-one forgets how their life used to be; awaking in the morning feeling happy to be alive and eager to start the day; relaxing on the weekends enjoying watching football and a few cold beers; pursuing any physical activity without our now ever-present pain and distraction.

time and time again we recognize that curing the problem is an action and once achieved, that all normalcy in life will return - but frustratingly, despite our own best efforts, the goal seems to always be out of reach,

I'm describing above how I felt.. and.. I was lucky enough to find a way to be fully cured, so my message to you is to take heart, .. You can regain your former self and be cured.

By now, you will have realized that all the tests, antibiotic courses and Doctor diagnoses are "guesses"; all treatment has (repeatedly) failed and the diagnoses are nothing more than guesswork and excuses; diagnoses like; "You have probably got arthritis", "your groin pain is a hernia for sure", "Your urinary problems are BPH, I'll have to operate", "nothing wrong with you, it's all in your mind", and the all-time favorite.. "Nothing we can do, you'll just have to live with it"

Taking control of your health and achieving a cure will now be apparent to you that it will never happen without a massive effort on your part, never hesitating, never doubting, and following my own program through to conclusion. Only you can get yourself cured, expecting Doctors to do it will never happen. Read below and take MASSIVE ACTION.

Here Are Some of The Terrible Things You'll Learn
With My Prostatitis Cure System

The most basic thing laid down in medical good practices that almost every Doctor fails to do for you which guarantees a longterm, serious condition.

One CRUCIAL FACT that few Doctors/Urologists know that means every Oral and IV course of antibiotics will do no more than suppress the condition with all symptoms returning soon after.

Why every failing course of Antibiotics does the OPPOSITE of what is intended.

This is NOT For Weak People..

I admit it; I went for far too long thinking a caring, highly professional Doctor was going to Cure me of Prostatitis.. It took me far too long to "Get It", but I did in the end. It took a massive shift in my nanny-state mentality to make me realize I caused the problem by having unprotected sex with a new girlfriend, that there was no magical fix coming, and that I was basically an inconsequential embarrassment to a Doctor, especially a Urologist.

It was a bitter lesson in life. I took that pill and I slowly but surely started to make a plan (An "A", "B" AND "C" plan) of how I was going to get out of the mess, CURED. I started properly researching facets of me plan, I put my heart and soul into learning about Prostatitis and all the medical processes involved. PUBMED was my bible. I started asking for assistance in an authoritative manner (versus the former weak dependent approach - TRUST me, sound weak and Doctors and potential helpers will shun you worse than a person with leprosy), I made schedules with prime waypoints, a money saving strategy, in short, I really went for it like my life depended on it, because in hindsight, it DID.

Contrast this with a significant proportion of the thousands of Prostatitis sufferers who have written to me over the course of the last 3 years. They remind me of myself before I GOT IT, but worse. I have read hundreds of  emails from utter wimps, there's no other way to describe it. They commonly describe self-indulgent lifestyle habits that guarantee Prostatitis, and guarantee they'll never be cured; brothels, drugs, alcohol, low self-esteem, always demanding someone fix them, no please, thank you, nothing.

If any of the above reminds you of yourself, then you can see exactly how the first part of the plan should be written. In short, my Prostatitis Cure Plan will only work for you if you COMMIT to MASSIVE action. I am going to give you the tools, you have to be the ACTION machine.

Be Very Aware that..

Stop! - If you have no recollection of an original infectious event at the start of all your problems (you would not forget this; typically bladder pain, urethral burning, frequency, urgency), then this page is not for you. However you should take the time to read the information I've written where I reduced my symptoms because that has proven to help everyone to some degree. And then there's the results of all my efforts trying out natural products.

Of the people who have contacted me and have gone on to get effective treatment, 99% have had Bacterial Prostatitis (either they already knew it or once they were properly tested), and this is what this site and my formula and e-book and personal support service is all about..

My e-book and email replies to your questions (should you take the option) and is highly likely to be the only effective assistance you are ever going to find guiding you to a Cure.

The amount of seriously wrong information on the internet is astounding; Big Medical Institutions are determined to insist that all genitourinary problems are not infection based, or,  that nothing can be done.. then there's all the people who market derivatives of Chinese Herbs as "complete and miraculous cures" - one of these destroyers of hope and trust claims he has completely cured 10's of thousands of Prostatitis cases (his herbal preparation sells for nearly 100 times the street herbal value in China). Another Well-known Doctor states that men in their twenties "almost" never get urogenital infections (so the rate of women infected with asymptomatic chlamydia is Zero?).. and he goes on to claim that it is impossible for infection to enter the prostate. As Prostatitis sufferers, we have seemingly insurmountable problems getting cured when sectors of the Medical industry are so wrong..

2 May 2016

"Hey Sean,

Thanks for giving me the truth and the way forward.

I wish you were my URO lol.  You get this disease better than any doctor."

Chris P., Palm Bch, Florida

Take Control of Your Chronic Prostatitis Condition Now..

Let's be very clear about this where nobody was for me: 

ONCE you've got an infection (this is often a long time in the past for many people) and you go to a Doctor/Urologist, they typically either make a weak effort to identify what's happening (usually a simplistic urine test put through a cheap overnight culture process), or they do nothing all all.. except to irresponsibly provide an Rx (script) at you for an antibiotic course (usually ciproxin, or another quinolone). This antibiotic is a GUESS, your infection may be totally resistant, who knows, because the "test and prescribe according to the results" was not done.

After a few days to several week has passed by, the pathogen is in the prostate (NOBODY will tell you this) and then it is impossible to kill it with oral or IV antibiotics.

AND.. after a few weeks to months, helped greatly by one or more courses of antibiotics, the infection becomes chronic.. Once chronic, it will be almost impossible to isolate/test in any of the wider standard tests (read about pathogen mechanisms like slime and biofilms just to even start).

Now you are entering a desert of LIVING HELL, because every medical professional wants PROOF of your condition, and all ensuing antibiotic courses are useless, at best they will reduce your symptoms, only to be back in full weeks to a couple of months after the end of the course. The more courses, the more resistant the pathogen(s) will become.

You've reached a dead end like the many before you.. AND this is where I come in.

My exacting story with all necessary steps detailed will set you on the path to a cure.

Download my e-book here

Option 1

Download Now Tick this BOX to confirm you understand that this e-book is specifically for Prostatitis people who have experienced or suspect infection, either at the start of their symptoms or at some stage during the illness, and that using the information provided to effect a Cure requires an ability to focus and put a plan into action. Please note that this e-book does not include information on Bacteriophage treatment. If you wish to obtain Phage information from the experience of a Western patient who has been treated in Georgia, follow the Phage link further down this page.


Option 2 - eBook + 3 Emails

Download Now Tick this BOX to confirm you understand that this e-book is specifically for Prostatitis people who have experienced or suspect infection, either at the start of their symptoms or at some stage during the illness, and that using the information provided to effect a Cure requires an ability to focus and put a plan into action Please note that this e-book does not include information on Bacteriophage treatment. If you wish to obtain Phage information from the experience of a Western patient who has been treated in Georgia, follow the Phage link further down this page. NB: This option includes 3 personal emails to me for very little extra.


The option to have personal dedicated contact, depends on the number of people I'm currently replying to. There may be a very fast initial reply to you, or it may be as long as 24 hours.

STOP - If You Have Highly Resistant Bacterial Prostatitis..

If You Have Been Diagnosed with Infection(s) which has become highly resistant to even reserved antibiotics, you may be reaching a point where even with a course of Prostate Injections, the drugs involved will do nothing for you. Further even if there are one or two antibiotics left that still work to target the bacteria, you are close to allowing those to also become resistant if they are tried.

There is only one treatment protocol left for this situation. It is currently being pursued again in Western countries who discarded it ~65 years ago in favor of what turned out to be, flawed antibiotic technology.

Read all about this life-saving therapy for cases of resistant bacterial Infection(s).

Dear Sean,

[excerpt] ..Sean I feel so much better and I truly feel for the first time in 19 years that I'm on the path to full recovery. ps , Don't think twice about duplicating this letter on your site you have been a great help. best regards.

Graham N

Barnsley, UK


[excerpt] ..Many thanks to Sean for this informative website and his personal dialogue with me. It's so good to know there are those like Sean that care and are willing to help.

Mike A

Toronto, CA

Hey Sean, Thanks a ton for your guidance. After 2 years of research, the kind of details you provide in order for a permanent solution is amazing. God Bless!!!

Ram V

Hyderabad, India

Many prostate sufferers constantly think about their problem. The solution seems quite elusive for most of us especially when we are riddled with doubt. Sean as somebody who has managed to make it through to the other side is a priceless source of information. Thank you Sean

Simon C

Taipei, Taiwan