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Direct Injections Use Antibiotics, Which Are OF NO USE To You,
If The Dreaded Day of your Antibiotic Resistance To ALL DRUGS
Has Arrived or is On the Near Horizon, It's Time To Get Very Serious

Bacteriophage Treatment is the ONLY Way to Treat Bacterial Prostatitis When
All Other Hope Is Near Or Gone

You've finally reached that day, it's been a long time coming. Due to the sheer number of antibiotic courses over the years, your bacterial Prostatitis has become so resistant that there are NO ANTIBIOTICS left to treat you. You are surviving poorly on the last antibiotic which can now only suppress the bacteria.

Sounds like science fiction? I assure you it's not, every week in the world there are thousands dying of infection resistant to all available antibiotics. If you have had Bacterial Prostatitis for years, have already seen a number of antibiotics that used to banish symptoms for months or longer at a time, now one by one being reported in your laboratory tests as "R" (resistant), then you are on your way to a real possibility that antibiotics will eventually run out on you.

HOPE IS NOT LOST - There's one form of treatment that is so effective that it has almost ZERO chance of resistance occurring. It has existed as an available treatment since 1915 and is mind-blowing in its simplicity and effectiveness.

Drug Companies have never been able (wanted) to exploit this medical technology.. You've guessed it.. the technology is an open fact of nature and making billions out of it overcharging suffering patients cannot be done.

It can't be patented, some methods of production still can be, however that's chump change to BigPharma.

Yes, we've all heard about common household plants, herbs and other common products which have been accorded magical powers by the natural health movement. In 99% of cases, the claims are unproven and unsustainable; often the Natural Health industry is as bad as BigPharma in the lengths they will go to, simply to make money. (among the 1%, there are natural products like high dose VitC which have resulted in remarkable recoveries, but they are not a panacea for all conditions).

BigPharma has run out of antibiotics; they've milked current market antibiotics to an extreme degree, but started to find the discovery work less attractive, in spite of the sure knowledge that all current antibiotics will eventually become useless.

Bacteriophages are one of the three or so shining stars of a future of useless BigPharma's products; Bacteriophages, Nanoparticle Targeting and Vaccines will regain the upper hand against infection.

Bacteriophage Treatment (Phage for short) are a special kind of VIRUS; they were discovered in 1915 by Frederick Twort, and popularized by Felix D'Herelle at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Essentially Bacteriophages "eat" bacteria. (Bacterio = bacteria and Phage = to eat/devour).

The technology was developed in many countries until antibiotics started to appear and popping pills became much easier than the manufacture of Bacteriophage preparations. However, Eastern Europe led by Russia and the Republic of Georgia (former USSR) from the early 1930's developed Bacteriophages (Phages) into a commercial production world. Stalin was extremely keen to have the technology to treat shell wounds which easily became infected in the battlefield and he allocated funds for an Institute in Georgia (his homeland). George Eliava (the Institute was named the Eliava Institute) and Felix D'Herelle planned a concerted drive to progress the technology together cut short by a soon-to-be purge, when Eliava was executed and D'Herelle possibly escaped with his life having been fortuitously being out of the country at the time.

The technology of Bacteriophages has drawbacks of:

  • Requires specialist production knowledge and resistant cases require a matching phage to be specially selected and made.
  • Thus no mass-production for strains of bacteria outside the commercial common phage preparations, unlike antibiotics, and accordingly the costs are greater.
  • Not all Bacterial species have had Bacteriophages discovered yet (Phages are ubiquitous in the wild).

But there are SIGNIFICANT Pluses:

  • Phage will FLOW everywhere in the body, EVEN past the brain barrier and most of all for a Prostatitis sufferer, INTO the Prostate. It is not impeded by the prostate restrictions common to Antibiotics.
  • Phage correctly prepared kills the TARGET bacterial strain ONLY if it is present, and ONLY that strain, unlike Antibiotics which ravage system flora and the immune system indiscriminately.
  • When the target is present, little attention needs to be made to the dosage size; phage replicate themselves by killing your resistant bacterial strain. The more of the strain the far greater the number of bacteria-gobbling phage; so they self-increase AND self-decrease strictly according to the aberrant bacteria present. If they have destroyed ALL the targeted bacterial strain, then they can replicate no more and reduce in numbers.

So, take heart, .. With Bacteriophages you can regain your former self and be cured.

Just like Prostate Injection Clinics, Phage treatment can differ greatly in degrees of success, not by the technology, but by its APPLICATION.

It's the same old story as Injection Clinics:

  • Are they hygienic?
  • Are they staffed by truly qualified practitioners?
  • Do you have sufficient funds to fully complete treatment?

Phage treatment once started has to continue through to completion - THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. An aborted course of treatment, typically caused by insufficient funds available to the patient AND YOU COULD END UP BEING IN A FAR WORSE PLACE THAN BEFORE TREATMENT STARTED.

Being fully informed will steer you and you can do this by reading on below..

Here Are Some of The Things You'll Learn
With My Prostatitis Bacteriophage Cure System

Exactly when you should be searching for Prostatitis Direct Injections AND when you should INSTEAD be seeking Bacteriophage Treatment.

Why it is ABSOLUTELY Essential to Choose the RIGHT Bacteriophage treatment Clinic

Why You must understand the Bacteriophage treatment system and closely monitor your Progress. More than any other form of Prostatitis treatment, the Patient MUST understand the process.

This is NOT For People Who Cannot Concentrate and Apply What Is Required..

I freely admit it on this website elsewhere; I went for far too long wanting a caring, highly professional Doctor to Cure me of Prostatitis.. It took me an absolute age to "Get It", which I did finally. It took a resounding shift in my nanny-state mentality for me to realize I had caused the problem by having unprotected sex with a new girlfriend and that there was no miracle fix coming; I was, in short, an dismissable embarrassment to a Doctor, especially a Urologist.

A bitter lesson in life to learn. but I got past that slowly and started to formulate a plan (An "A", "B" AND "C" plan) of how I was going to get resolve MY mess, CURED. I started very, very seriously researching my plans, I put my heart and soul into learning about Prostatitis and all the medical processes involved. PUBMED was my premier bible. I commenced asking for assistance in an intelligent manner (as against the former weak dependent approach - TRUST me, if you appear weak, Doctors and potential helpers will avoid you worse than if you had leprosy), I went on to make schedules with critical waypoints, a cash saving strategy, in short, I really went for it as if my life depended on it, because in hindsight, it DID.

Plan "A" was Direct Injections and luckily for me, that method and choice of Clinic worked, BUT I was leaving nothing to Chance and Plan "B" was to fully investigate and assess Bacteriophage treatment. If Direct Injections had not worked for me, I had armed myself with a huge amount of discovery and knowledge of Clinical Phage Protocols, ready to execute Plan "B".

Again, as with Direct Injections, this technology is not a walk in the park, you can't dial a number, get an appointment and consider it anywhere near done. As I've already mentioned on this website, a significant proportion of the thousands of Prostatitis sufferers who have written to me over the course of the last 3 years could never manage what's required for Direct Prostatic Injections nor Bacteriophage treatment. Many, many of these people commonly described self-indulgent lifestyle habits that guarantee Prostatitis, and guarantee they'll never be cured; ongoing risky sexual behavior, drugs, alcohol, low self-esteem, and always demanding someone fix them, no please, thank you, nothing.

If any of the above reminds you of yourself, then you can see exactly how the first part of the plan should be written. In short, my Prostatitis Bacteriophage Cure Plan "B" will only work for you if you COMMIT to MASSIVE action. I am going to give you the tools, you have to be the ACTION machine.

Take Careful Note..

Stop! - If you have absolutely no recollection of an original infectious event at the start of all your troubles (you would not forget this; typically bladdder pain, urethral burning, frequency, urgency), then this page is not for you. However you should STILL take the time to read the section I've written on how I reduced my Prostatitis symptoms because that has proven to help everyone to some degree. And then there's the results of all my efforts trying out natural products.

Of all the people who have written to me, along with information received from various treament Clinics, 99% of those people have had Bacterial Prostatitis (either they already knew it or it was not found until they were properly tested), and this is what this site and my formula of the Two Authoritative forms of Treatment and personal support service is all about..


Bacteriophage Structure


An electron micrograph of Bacteriophages attached to a bacterial cell ready to Invade and Kill It

My e-book and email replies to your questions (should you take the option) is the only effective assistance you are ever going to find guiding you to a Cure.

The amount of seriously wrong information on the internet is astounding; Big Medical Institutions are determined to push the CPPS/non-bacterial line and spout that nothing can be done.. then there's a plethora of scammers who market derivatives of Chinese Herbs as "complete and miraculous cures" - one of these destroyers of hope and trust claims he has completely cured 10's of thousands of Prostatitis cases (his herbal preparation sells for nearly 100 times the street herbal value in China). Another medically qualified writer states that men in their twenties "almost" never get urogenital infections (so the rate of women infected with asymptomatic chlamydia is Zero huh?).. and he goes on to claim that it is impossible for infection to enter the prostate. Is it any wonder that we, as Prostatitis sufferers, have such seemingly insurmountable problems getting cured when sectors of the Medical industry as well as so many scammers and charlatans mislead us.. (a charlatan is a person selling medicine in order to obtain money via pretence or deception - originally from French)..

Take Control of Your Prostatitis Condition Now..

Let me be very clear about this because nobody was for me: 

ONCE you've picked up an infection (this is way in the past for many people) and you got to a Doctor/Urologist, they typically either make a half-hearted effort to identify what's happening (usually a simplistic urine test put through a cheap overnight culture process), or they do nothing all all.. except to throw an Rx (script) at you for an antibiotic course (usually ciproxin, or another quinolone). This script is a GUESS, your infection may be totally resistant, who knows, because the "test and prescribe on the results" was not done.

Once a few days to weeks has gone by, the pathogen is in the prostate (NOBODY will tell you this) and once there, it is impossible to kill it with oral or IV antibiotics.

AND.. after a few weeks to months, helped greatly by one or more courses of antibiotics, the infection becomes chronic.. Once chronic, it will be almost impossible to isolate in any of the wider standard tests (read about pathogen mechanisms like slime and biofilms just to even start).

Now you are entering a wilderness of LIVING HELL, because every medical professional wants PROOF of your condition, and, as said, all ensuing antibiotic courses are useless, at best they will reduce your symptoms, only to be back in full weeks to a couple of months after the end of the course. The more courses, the more resistant the pathogen(s) will become.

You've reached a dead end joining the many before you.. AND this is where I come in.

My exacting story of how to treat Chronic, Resistant Prostatitis with Bacteriophages with all necessary steps detailed will set you on the path to a cure, where you will only need to progress through all the steps to enable your cure.


However in the interim if you buy my eBook, option 2 on this page I will answer in the included emails with notes about options and how best to proceed with Bacteriophage treatment, upon request, all based on our first-hand experience. This includes which Clinic NOT TO GO TO, if you value your health, which treatments you should never agree to, and all the other small stuff people only learn the hard way; restaurants, reliable good value accommodation, etc.


The option to have personal dedicated contact, depends on the number of people I'm currently replying to. There may be an instant initial reply to you, or it may be as long as 24 hours. If I have a full schedule, I will contact you at once and discuss timing.

Dear Sean,

[excerpt] ..Sean I feel so much better and I truly feel for the first time in 19 years that I'm on the path to full recovery. ps , Don't think twice about duplicating this letter on your site you have been a great help. best regards.

Graham N

Barnsley, UK


[excerpt] ..Many thanks to Sean for this informative website and his personal dialogue with me. It's so good to know there are those like Sean that care and are willing to help.

Mike A

Toronto, CA

Hey Sean, Thanks a ton for your guidance. After 2 years of research, the kind of details you provide in order for a permanent solution is amazing. God Bless!!!

Ram V

Hyderabad, India

Many prostate sufferers constantly think about their problem. The solution seems quite elusive for most of us especially when we are riddled with doubt. Sean as somebody who has managed to make it through to the other side is a priceless source of information. Thank you Sean

Simon C

Taipei, Taiwan