NB: None of the information under relates to products you buy when you are taken off-site (Amazon etc..)

At this time there are three options for payment that you will find at the checkout stages of purchase:

  • Payeer (credit card)
  • Cryptocurrencies - BCH LTC Dash
  • Alternate payment via Paypal

The first two methods willl complete your payment and the eBook will be manually sent to your email address with additional information. To repeat: This is not an automatic download after payment.

The last method is to manually pay your total amount by going to Paypal and sending money to: 
It is recommended that you copy and paste that email address due to the unusual spelling.
We will know who you are and what you've purchased

No matter which payment method you successfully use, do NOT make payment if you ever intend to ask for a refund.
If you do not agree with this please do not order.
In buying, a purchaser warrants they will not seek a refund.

This is a standard inclusion for all people buying our eBook.

The eBook is encoded with the buyers' information both in plain text and embedded in the document. Once the eBook is supplied we do not use any method to disable it if a refund were given, additionally, the email communication part of the sale usually involves a lot of time in answering.

As none of the above-mentioned items are recoverable, all sales are final.

Thank you for your understanding of this.


NB: The information on this page is not related in any way to any items you see on our site which take you to an Amazon website.