Request an Assessment of your Condition at a new Prostatic Injections Clinic

After ~8 years of slowly declining treatment options for infectious prostatitis, a new clinic accepting International patients has recently opened.

Prostatic Injections

Dr Toth was an early provider and one of the mainstays of treating infectious prostatitis with injections (he acquired his technique from Professor Enrico Guercini). Once he retired.. to be later followed by Dr Bahn at Ventura, our treatment landscape was looking rather thin.

And then, of course, Covid arrived and that stopped most everything in its tracks.

As life has started to return to normal, we've received a procession of emails asking where a patient seeking prostatic injections should be going now.

Our only answer has been Dr Bahn's successors at the same facility (with reservations given that the last reports still told us they don't test and still roll up a huge cocktail of reserve antibiotics for each (trans-rectal) injection) OR a more enthusiastic recommendation for Professor Guercini (who still suffers from poor communication - many reports of patients writing emails with no replies).

Doctor Song in China's clinic(s) are currently closed with the future pospect of remaining so (according to their secretary); it appears they are preferring to reply on internationally mailed "herbal" formulas which are extremely lucrative and far easier to manage as a business (we've heard from a good number of people who have ordered and used this herbal formula; nobody has retained condition relief for more than 3 months after finishing)

 So, to say the least, the appearance of a new clinic is extremely welcome news.

Basic details are:

  • Injections via the perineal gap (infinitely better than trans-rectal)
  • Minimum treatment period of 4 weeks, and longer depending on a patient's treatment response
  • 2 injections per day, 6 days a week
  • Pre-treatment testing (unlike the old days of Drs Toth and Bahn), followed by regular testing according to medicine/drug formulas used and treatment rest periods.
  • Diagnosis heavily influenced by patient symptoms and thorough Laboratory testing,
  • IV treatment where needed.
  • NB: Treatment does NOT include/rely on "prostate massage" and antibiotics; a treatment method largely discredited now. 


Clinic: Prostate Injections Treatment Inquiry

A free medical assessment of your condition is available to you now. Be sure to give as much information about your condition that you can including copies of applicable tests. Confidentiality is assured. You will receive a reply within 72 hours with our Doctor's medical assessment which will include details of treatment and prices, if it is decided that you are a suitable candidate for treatment.

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