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Dr Polacheck and The Manila Protocol.. (not! direct injections) targeting Prostatitis..

Update: Dr. Polacheck has temporarily closed his office and may possibly retire permanently. For those who want to contact him they should call 520-743-1362

Dr Polacheck uses what he describes as a "modified" version of the Manila Protocol. He co-operated with Dr A. E. Feliciano (Jr) back in the late 1990's while getting started and seems to have had a falling-out not long after. Dr Polacheck comes in for a big mention on the http://www.prostatitis.org website's Clinics list, presumably because Brad Hennenfent from prostatitis.org in concert with A.E. Feliciano had great hopes for the Manila Protocol at the time.

Dr Polacheck's website is http://www.prostate-usa.com/ which is extremely dated, ignores the Feliciano falling-out completely (as if it never happened, referring to Feliciano as their "Consultant") and in general is rather short on detail. Update: Dr Polacheck's Website appears to have been shut down (Dr. Polacheck has temporarily closed his office and may possibly retire permanently. For those who want to contact him they should call 520-743-1362)

Again, like Feliciano's treatment, Dr Polacheck has numerous detractors and those that love him. A desperate man, not too far from Tucson would be very tempted to give it a try. Few men (in fact, none) we've talked to have experienced long-term relief, in keeping with the current general medical concensus.

Summary: Dr Polacheck's treatment method of the Manila Protocol (prostate massage and antibiotics) has been well and truly discredited with the best result likely to be symptom relief for as much as a few months.

Have a read of the last link on this page describing the Felicianos and the Manila Protocol for a fuller idea of Dr Polacheck's treatment.

A.E. Feliciano and Dr Polacheck

Prostatitis Center: 1701 West Saint Marys Road, Tucson, AZ 85745


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