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Review of Dr Duke Bahn's treatment for Prostatitis (Infertility)

dr duke bahn 1Doctor Duke Bahn has a Prostate treatment Center in Ventura and utilizes the direct injection method to counter infection in males suffering from Prostatitis, which may also be contributing to Infertility.

His primary specialty is cryotherapy and color doppler ultrasound biopsies (cancer), however he advocates a very straight-forward approach to dealing with infections related to Prostatitis.

As his specialty is prostate cancer, his online Prostatitis-related work is somewhat free of all the mud-slinging and name-calling usually seen in forums.

We have been told by a number of patients that they were helped by Dr Bahn but that their symptoms returned within a few months. A number have also told us they've been back to him several times over the course of a year but even then symptoms returned. So we've yet to hear first-hand from anyone that they've had full remission of symptoms. Most patients speak well of Dr Bahn.



  • His injection approach is rectally delivered, injections are few in number (usually just three), and he has no staged "unblocking" program, which is a serious omission in our view in difficult resistant cases of Prostatitis and will almost certainly lead to relapse.
  • However even more crucial than the above is that it appears he ignores the absolute need to do persistent microbiology, find out exactly what pathogen(s) exist and ensure he is using drugs that those pathogen(s) are sensitive to. Combining up a big cocktail of guesswork drugs possibly/potentially treats nothing. This approach is similar to rolling dice; his cocktail may work against the pathogen(s), it may do nothing.

You can read a concise description of Dr Bahn's Prostatitis infection treatment techniques here.

You can read an older online thread giving an idea of converts, as well as people who plan their future prostate injection treatment sensibly.

Dr Bahn can be contacted at:
(+1) 805 585 3082

His Prostate Institute of America (PIAO) is located in the Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, California, about an hour by car north of Los Angeles:

168 North Brent Street
Suite 402
Ventura, CA

Comprehensive Prostatitis Ultrasound

Fuller Description/Review of Dr Bahn's Genitourinary Work

Dr Bahn runs the Prostate Institute of America, (PIAO) and cites his mission as the early detection of prostate cancer through the use of PSA tests (Prostate Specific Antigen), DRE (digital rectal) exams, and TRUS (Color-Doppler Transrectal Ultrasound) exams.with an emphasis on a low-invasive treatment regime.

He also treats infection-based Prostatitis as follows:

  • First, he performs a transrectal ultrasound of the prostate to remove other possible causes such as stones in the ejaculatory duct or prostate cancer.
  • For this he uses the Hitachi 6500 ultrasound system, which gives a color-Doppler capability, as well as better resolution through a tissue harmonic function.
  • He uses a trans-rectal injection approach with a combination of a fluoroquinolone, aminoglucoside, antifungal and antiprotozoal drugs further combined with a corticosteroid and analgesics.
  • 6-7cc are introduced into each lobe of the prostate including the transitional and peripheral zones, along with 3-4cc into each seminal vesicle.
  • He repeats the treatment twice more with a one to two week break
  • At the end of 2013 he updated this regime moving away from the resistance problems of using fluoroquinolones to a cephalosporin (Ceftriaxone), and then to Carbapenem antibiotics because of ESBL (extended-spectrum beta-lactamase, conferring resistance on many pathogens), in concert with an anti-anaerobe/anti-protozoa antibiotic, an aminoglycoside antibiotic, and anti-fungal agents.

 From time to time patients write to us about their experiences at a particular Prostatitis treatment clinic.

We rarely incuded them in the reviews section because we often cannot verift their authenticity; that is, are they a troll of one of the poorly moderated forums..

We've now decided to start using some of these experiences along with phone and sometimes even clinic verification if the persopn allows it. This will no doubt put the trolls into a foaming, spitting lather, however for the boda fide reader, looking for information, it may help.. as always you are your own judge on what to believe: (We have verified the posts-experiences, however of course, no-one wants to be identified, commenting about a clinic is not wise when one might need them in the future)..


[Ed: this is a patient with ~17 years of infectious prostatitis who went to Dr Bahn a number of times and at the time of writing to us had decided to go to Dr Song. He has stated to us before that he has a lot of time for Dr Bahn and feels he is a potential solution for shorter-term patients]

November 2017

Dr. Bahn’s treatment for prostatitis consisted of an initial ultrasound of the prostate and seminal vesicles. Dr Bahn uses the highest quality color ultrasound. At that point, he will discuss his findings from the ultrasound. Next are the injections. Dr Bahn goes through the rectum and then directly into the prostate. For me, this was not painful at all. There is some minor discomfort but no pain.

Dr. Bahn claims that his injections will take care of pretty much any pathogen that you may have. I believe he uses the same injection mixture for all the patients. The schedule of injections is once per week for 3 weeks. Then he instructs you to go home and observe. If symptoms return you can redo another 3 injections in the future. With each injection, Dr Bahn uses the ultrasound to see if there are any changes.

I feel that Dr. Bahn is on the right track with his injections and use of the color ultrasound. I felt much better after the injections. They did help my symptoms in the short term. But in a month or two inevitably the symptoms would return. My experience is that the pathogens that are in the prostate need to be completely eradicated or else, they will return and will return with more resistance to antibiotics. Because Dr. Bahn does not run any cultures to find out specific pathogens and uses a standard cocktail of antibiotics for all patients, the specific pathogens you have are not targeted with the most effective medicines. And the different pathogens require different medicines to be successful.

I also feel that an injection 1 time per week for 3 weeks is not enough to kill pathogens. I followed my Dr Bahn treatment with treatment in China by Dr Song and his injections are everyday over the course of 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the case. In addition, Dr Song does extensive culturing and identifies your specific pathogens and tailors the treatment to your situation. No two patients are treated the same. My guess would be that Dr Bahn could cure a newly acquired pathogen but I am not sure. Longer term sufferers would be likely to have less long term success or complete eradication of the problem.

Another factor is treating the blockages or calcifications that form in the prostate from various pathogens. I am told that the pathogens secrete a endotoxin that actually kills the prostate tissue and converts it into calcifications that over time build and build. The result is prostate enlargement, pain, all kinds of urinary and genital dysfunction, and a place where the pathogens can hide making them more difficult to kill. Dr. Song specifically clears these calcifications using herbal formulas. I found that as these particles appeared in my urine, functioning improved immediately. My urine flow returned to normal, urgency decreased and ejaculatory functioning improved overall. I think that without clearing the calcifications, it would be difficult to get a complete cure. That is why I think Bahn’s treatment could work on newly diagnosed patients that have little or no calcifications from a longer term infection.

Overall, I think that Dr Bahn is one of the best options in the USA. He will listen to you and he will not tell you there is no problem. He will assess the scans and give you an accurate opinion as the to the size and condition of your prostate. He is caring and you will feel heard and treated. For a long term sufferer, this is a welcome relief from being told “there is nothing wrong with you” by a litany of urologists that have no idea how to treat your condition. But as a long term solution, I feel that Dr. Song has a deeper understanding of this condition, his treatment is more comprehensive and your chance of a cure is higher.

My time with this round of treatment (Dr Song following Dr Bahn) is not finished. Only time will tell the result, I'll keep in touch.

Thanks for checking up on me.

Costa Mesa. Cal.


 >> UPDATE from the above person 12 April 2018

I have now been home from Dr Song’s clinic for 5 months and Dr. Song suggests that patients need 6 months to heal completely after the treatment. Overall, I feel dramatically improved and I continue to feel a decrease in pain and discomfort. The main pathogen causing me problems has been 100% eradicated. I do not feel pain and no longer have to take pain killers daily. This has given me my life back and I am recovering from an extremely dark period in my life.

I would say that my symptoms are 80% improved at this point. The reason I am not completely cured is that Dr. Song found that I had a yeast overgrowth in my urogenital system after eradicating the infection. Dr. Song did treat the yeast effectively but I do have some lingering symptoms. The main symptom is frequent urination. In a night I typically wake up 2 times a night. During the day, I can get some minor urgency. Its inconvenient but its not that big of deal for me.

I am considering returning to Xiangtan to finish treating the remaining yeast. I am confident that if I do return to Dr. Song’s clinic, I will be cured of the last bit of symptoms. I consider the treatment and complete success and I would strongly encourage anyone with any type of prostate/urogenital issue, including cancer, to visit Dr. Song.


>> UPDATE from the above person 1 May 2018

[Ed - This person now reports a dramatic relapse of "horrible" symptoms. Reasons can only be guessed at, at this point, but in our view this dramatically underscores the need to have a through picture of one's pathogens, be sure the treating Clinic has the drugs available that the pathogen(s) have a proven high sensitivity to, and that the treatment period is as long as you can possibly make it]





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