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Dr Atilla Toth in New York [MACLEOD LABORATORY] specializes in dealing with Infertility, both male and female, (Prostatitis and PID) and has been in business for a long time.

Infertility is his main business and his past patients cite his abilities anywhere from being a miracle worker to someone who is the complete opposite.

Dr. Toth's Infertility treatment is based around a correlation between gynecological and urological infections and the importance of treating the patient's partner when approaching infertility problems. Chlamydia features prominently in his diagnoses and although many patients have no doubt benefited from this, many also have felt that the Doctor had tunnel vision regarding Chlamydia to the exclusion of investigating other diagnoses.

Notwithstanding the above, it has been well-established in medicine that Chlamydia often exists in women in an asymptomatic state, which can have disastrous consequences for their male partners and their own ability to bear children.

His treatment method for male Chronic Prostatitis sufferers is with sonographic-guided injections via the rectum, usually one at a time (not bi-lateral) and over a treatment period of a month he may do as few as 5 injections, at significant expense.

Like most of the Clinics as far as treating chronic infectious prostatitis goes he has many detractors and those who claim to have been helped. Many cite an arrogant manner (relating it to their ability to pay) and many are quite the opposite.

In difficult, longstanding infection cases, Dr Toth's direct injection techniques are on the right track, but the low number of injections, the time between injections and the rectal delivery method are not recommended.

Dr Toth also states that he sees no benefit in breaking down calcifications and unblocking infected ducts and tracts, the absence of which is very likely to lead to a relapse for the patient.

However, unlike many medical providers, he does have a preference for endeavoring to isolate the cause (isolate pathogens) of the infectious problems, so that the right medications can be used in treatment.

UPDATE: It is now nigh on (2017) 20 years that Dr Toth started doing prostate injections for chronic infectious prostatitis with the help and guidance of Dr Guercini in Rome.  At 77 years old Dr Toth feels he needs to "pass on" these trade secrets via a book he is writing about his prostatic injection practice experiences.


Considering the cost of treatment with Dr Toth (a patient recently - 19th June 2016 wrote saying Dr Toth quoted him US$5,000 for 10 injections), and his lack of an unblocking phase and short length of treatment, we would not recommend this Clinic. We have also been advised by a number of Dr Toth's prostatitis patients that they were permanently damaged by his trans-rectal delivery method. However those patients are a small sample compared to the time he has been in business and so may not be reliable feedback overall.

We would rate Dr Toth's Clinic in the 4th position of all our reviewed Clinics,

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Fuller Review of Dr Attila Toth:

Even though we believe there are significant short-comings in Dr Toth's Prostatitis treatment, he has long experience in the field and this is obvious on reading the Prostatitis section on his website (http://www.fertilitysolution.com/Treatment-for-Chronic-Prostatitis/).

Excerpts of some sections are well-worth pointing out, as they are contrary to well-established erroneous advice handed out to Prostatitis patients by many Doctors/Specialists who plainly don't know what Dr Toth knows, because of plain inexperience, or a lack of will to inform themselves from their own research or higher training in their specialty.

On the subject of a declaration of "non-bacterial prostatitis" by a Doctor who has failed to conduct persistent/exhaustive tests for infection

[excerpt from Dr Toth's website]
"The majority of my patients come to me with the diagnosis of nonbacterial prostatitis. In our laboratory it is exceedingly rare to find negative EPS (expressed prostatic secretion) or semen cultures"

[end excerpt]

Translation in plain language: The majority of my patients have been diagnosed as having nonbacterial prostatitis or CPPS and on testing we find this is almost always wrong.

We have heard a similar statement from Dr Song in China.

The Price of not being able to afford or otherwise get access to, Laboratory testing

Prostatitis sufferers are left to suffer debilitating symptoms, some for a lifetime, because of medical ignorance and shoddy budget laboratory testing (chronic infections are highly unlikely to culture in an overnight test, payment providers all want to push the envelope to cheaper and cheaper services giving them higher profits for their shareholders).

UPDATE: Nov 2017

I have just spent 5&1/2 hours reading commentaries about Doctor Toth on many places over the web, resulting from a google search with a variety of keywords, all including "toth".

Here's some observations:

  • Poorly moderated forums are alive and well and flourishing; the amount of [free speech] invective, personal attacks on Attila Toth by people, many who wouldn't know him if they saw him, the number of poorly-formed conclusions about his treatment, the ridiculous demands that he must reduce his prices, etc, etc, all show how much of a minefield it is for people who are serious about treatment and are searching for treatment validation for their medical needs, trying to gain help from the experience of others.
  • It is still a mystery to me as to what drives all the hate talk on forums, even more so when it gets approved by a moderated forum. Many such posters make it quite plain they've never consulted the practitioner they are libelling.. Are they posting from.. boredom? jealousy? are they inebriated?.. who knows, except it's plain that the medical condition of prostatitis gathers nutters, weirdos and trash talkers like no other.
  • The truth is that if you contract a genitourinary infection, you are 99% likely to be embarking on a long journey if you missed the speedy application of the correct treatment (test it, do sensitivities, effective drug treatment as soon as the irritation is felt). That journey is likely years and many treatment providers.
  • Which provider "cures" you in the end is different for any sufferer.. ALL INFECTIOUS PROSTATITIS CONDITIONS ARE DIFFERENT.. your bugs are different, their pathogenicity and resistance is different and your body is different.
  • Yes, for treatment greater than being thrown the odd useless antibiotic script, it is likely to be expensive; yes, there is a chance of it failing - and all this is because the "medical treatment system" is largely ignorant about the dynamics of bacteria and the closed male genitourinary system. Where is the national not-for-profit organization for bacterial prostatitis?.. it doesn't exist because men, unlike women [example, breast cancer], are largely a disjointed, dispirited confused bunch of males who feel shame about their condition, too many of whom browse the web for snippets of information too fractionated to help anyone, and too many of whom are rendered a danger to themselves because.. they hang on every word of.. trolls on.. bad forums..
  • Dr Toth, Dr Song, Dr Bahn, Dr Guercini and more are the best of what's on offer, and we should celebrate them because the mainline medical system is a disastrous failure for us. These doctors all do better with some stages of infectious prostatitis than others.. the main delineator seems to be the length of time of infection, AND how many useless courses of antibiotics have been already prescribed.
  • The last takeaway from all this is to highlight that fact that JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE GOT CURED BY XYZ DOCTOR, that is NO GUARANTEE IN ANY WAY THAT IT WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU. Your infectious condition cannot be a perfect clone of that "cured" person.
  • Start doing your homework, get very serious and stop wasting precious time reading speculative forums where gleaning helpful facts are as likely as winning first prize in a Billion Dollar lottery.

Alternative References to our experience:

Update February 2019

Although we get regular correspondence relating to treatment with Dr Toth, there's often not the amount of detail we need to report on.
In addition, we are always careful to make sure the patient/person is a genuine patient of the doctor in question and not someone spreading rumors.

A patient who we know quite well has recently written telling us that his first consultation with Dr Toth found him very affable, and more importantly that his treatment regime seems to have shifted in Dr Song's direction as far as frequency and number of injections are concerned.

The first drawback though was that the patient states that Dr Toth no longer endeavors to do any testing, that is, do the all-important job of establishing what he is actually dealing with.
This is rather a shock to hear, it appears that Dr Toth has dropped the ball and headed for Dr Bahn's carefree system of mixing up as many serious antibiotics as he can and injecting them.. on a wing and a prayer.

Too bad if there's underlying fungus; unless, of course, he also runs a few guesswork antifungals into the cocktail!

Back to the good news, he offered to do 10 injections over a period of 12 days, which is a major change to the way he used to practice.
Although this is an important change, I, from personal experience, still believe it's not enough.

.. and.. combine the insufficiency of injections with the huge mistake of breaking the number one rule of using antibiotics, DO SO ONLY if sensitivity has been proven (as a result of good tests) and.. Dr Toth in my view is still far from the best option for treatment.

Reading.. why daily, lengthy injections really count

 Update March 2019

Although Dr Toth still lists on his website as having a New York clinic, his receptionist says he has relocated to Florida as of ~15 months ago


We still regularly hear from patients who are thinking of going to Dr Toth for treatment. Most every email is unenthusiastic.

There's not much we can say except to strongly push the absolute inadvisability of going to a Doctor for treatment, when they frankly admit they do no testing and mixup a giant cocktail of antibiotics for injection. Our decades old term for this is "GUESSWORK" treatment.
If we had a medical system which didn't just exist to set a framework for the enrichment of medical practitioners; then honesty and competence would ensure that beyond a shadow of a doubt, no antibiotics would ever be legal to prescribe unless it was first proved that an infection exists and that it is sensitive to any proposed antibiotic.

In short, the antibiotics crisis has been caused by the very system and its Doctors who were supposed to look after us as patients.

Something has changed though, most patients writing to us about their plans to see Toth, take note of the lack of testing, and already suspect that his few expensive injections are going to be too few. Hallelujah ! After nearly a decade of us preaching this, the message is really actually getting through !!!

Caveat Emptor


Reports of Dr Toth from patients over the last 18 months indicate he has largely retired, they all confirm he has long given up on establishing infection drug sensitivities, and several more recently indicate that he is very close to total retirement.

Here is an excerpt from a patient of Dr Toth's, we have not personally talked with him, but we have verified that his name and address details are valid.

"About 3 years ago, Dr. Toth started to practice in Jupiter, FL; about 2 hours by car from my home. I received 3 injections, with the 3rd providing me with a bonus UTI (an e-Coli infection). That took an intensive 10 day treatment to cure. The good news is that I obtained at least 4 months of prostatitis symptom relief. My follow-up conversations with Dr. Toth were very troubling. He had no memory of me as a patient, or the email back-and-forth we had over the e-Coli infection. He used several rooms of another doctors offices, and had only a part-time receptionist who was no longer available when I tried to follow up with him several months after my treatments. He promised to call me back after he "researched his files" but never did. My belief is that he is "aging out" and future patients should be careful."




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