Dr Arnon Krongrad in Florida - Prostate Removal

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arnon kongrad 1A review of Doctor Arnon Krongrad and his treatment methods for Prostatitis

One of Doctor Kongrad's specialties is Laparoscopic prostate removal for severe, treatment-resistant chronic prostatitis.

As this site's focus is on curing Prostatitis, only passing mention is made of Dr Krongrad in order that his name and treatment is identified, thus removing his name from the list of possible treatment providers for Prostatitis and PID.

This procedure performed by Dr Krongrad is generally seen as a last resort for severe, treatment-resistant chronic prostatitis, rendering the patient infertile.

The video below is provided only for the individual who is not concerned about Fertility and is requiring treatment as a last resort for pain and suffering from Prostatitis

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Dr Krongrad describes the positives and negatives of laparoscopic prostate removal as he sees it.


If you are at the end of your pain tether, have no need for continued fertility, and do not wish to consider a course of direct injections, then Dr Krongrad may be for you.


A patient reports (July 2016) that he has had many conversations with Dr Krongrads office, who has told him radical prostate removals for prostatitis ceased in mid-2013. Further he reports Dr Krongrads office added that this was due to being sued and that he is on an extended sabattical. Indeed his posts on his ning website seem to end in mid-2013. If anyone can add to this information, please let us know.