Dr Pavlos Georgiadis in Athens, Greece

dr georgiadis in athens[NB: There are UPDATES at bottom of this page]

Dr Georgiadis describes himself as a Surgeon Urologist - Andrologist and provides a service of "digital rectal treatment" and in certain circumstances, rectally-delivered prostate injections.

Much of Dr Georgiadis's success appears to revolve around vigorous prostate massage to break up infection in the prostate, over an extended period of time, with ensuing cultures and appropriate antibiotics. At the end of this period of treatment, if detection of infection/symptoms remain, he may go on with rectal route, prostate injections, possibly as few as three, about 10-12 days apart.

In as much as the massage therapy is concerned he appears to carry out a similar procedure as Ilya Kaploun R.N. in Toronto. A patient has recently told us (10th June 2016) that Dr Georgiadis quoted him US$5,000 for treatment and frankly admitted that many patients have to come back for a followup. I think that honesty is a good measure of this Doctor.

As more patients of Dr Georgiadis write to us, we'll update this page a lot more, one thing is certain, Dr Georgiadis is light years ahead of the general attitude and knowledge of the Prostatitis treatment medical situation (Urologist in private practice) in the U.S. His treatment may be better suited to shorter-term cases and in general we would prefer the injections were not rectally-delivered.

The Doctor is heavily involved in the science of prostatitis and is spoken very well of by his ex-patients.

Dr Georgiadis practices from two clinics and can be reached at his private clinic here:

dr georgiadis logo39 Asklipiou Str - Athens, Greece
Telephone number : +30 210 36 32377 
and can be emailed here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can read more about him here: Dr Pavlos Georgiadis and a Chronic Prostatitis Cure

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February 2018

[Update 1]

Update from a Patient who has been to Dr Georgiardis's Clinic:

We have recently heard from an infectious prostatitis sufferer who has been to be treated by Dr Georgiadis and who is desirous that people hear about his experience. We hear from many people about their clinical experiences but few put them into a full coherent story.

There are several very important things to keep in mind here about prostatitis "cure"/treatment/clinics in general:

1/ Everyone's case is different; EVERYONE'S INFECTIOUS PROSTATITIS CASE IS DIFFERENT!!!.. different bugs, different levels of resistance. Just because one patient has a good or bad experience with a Clinic doesn't mean that it will be anywhere near the same for you. a particular clinic may be able to isolate/identify your bacteria just as well as another patient, but there is no surety thay will have the necessary drugs/antibiotics to treat your case. Some countries restrict reserve antibiotics to hospital settings only, so if you have highly resistant infection, being buoyed up by the success of a patient (whose bugs may have been of a lesser degree of resistance) at a particular clinic.. unfortunately.. means very little. The devil is in the detail, as the saying goes.

2/ The patient who submitted the glowing recommendation below was asked some of those "devil in the detail" questions:

  • When they received treatment [how long ago]
  • What the cost was for exactly what services rendered.
  • Whether they have any of their former symptoms still, either not completely resolved, or any which might have returned since.

The patient replied to the email with the above questions, but for reasons only known to himself, did not wish to answer them which can only be taken as a RED FLAG.

3/ NB: THE FOLLOWING does not necessarily apply to the following patient and his testimonial..
We've had conclusive proof, in the past, of patients posting great testimonials because they have in fact made some headway with their condition but need to do a return trip or more to their chosen clinic AND, the clinic has offered them an attractive returning patient treatment price, if they will promote the clinic online.
It is understandable why this happens and one needs to keep it in mind.


[Start of testimonial for Dr Georgiadis by one of his patients]...

"I am 56 from the UK.
I have seen approx 15 different urologists, the best that London, Rome and Cyprus has to offer, paid thousands of pounds for either failed treatments or useless consultations, I’ve heard some ‘one liners’ from them that would be hilarious if they weren't so rediculous, i.e. “we don’t do semen cultures anymore, they’re very 1980’s” “you’re better off having cancer” “ how dare you get a 2nd opinion, get out!” “Enterococcus is normal” also, No Prostate massage, for prostatic fluid testing or a Rectal Ultra Sound from any one of them!
Please don't waste your time and money like I have.
At this point I thought I was going crazy, I kept being told that my problems were psychological, anxiety, depression etc. If you’re told the same thing enough times, you begin to believe it. I then spent months and more money having counselling, thinking I was on the road to recovery, wrong!
So...... scouring the internet, once again, I found Dr Georgiadis’s website, still sceptical but I called him.
What a star! he was on his summer holidays but still answered his phone and spent time explaining to me what the real cause of my illness was and how he could treat me, this was the first time anyone had said that they could cure me!
Although wary and worried, I booked into his clinic and set sail for Athens.
On my first day, the doctor performed a painless rectal ultrasound of the Prostate, bladder, kidneys and testes, also a pee flow test. The ultra sound images are instant, so I could see the size and inflammation of my Prostate, no surprises, Inflamed and Large! probably been slowly growing for over 10 years, the doctor explained.
With his pressure therapy, I produced a sample of prostatic fluid and was sent to the lab to also produce a semen sample for testing.
I begun taking a blanket cover of antibiotics, until my results returned, and begun the daily therapy sessions.
My results showed 3 different bacteria! My fears of feeling crazy were over, I had a cause to my illness.
With the Bacterial sensitivities, the doctor prescribed me the correct medication.
The doctor also explained.....
Although I may have already taken many of these, Antibiotics DO work but simply cannot penet rate sufficiently when you’re Prostate tissue has become fibrotic and sclerotic (hard and wide) through the process of inflammation (prostatitis).
Dr Georgiadis’s Prostate Pressure Unblocking Therapy technique has been crafted over 25 years and via finger pressure, he will slowly unblock the channels in your Prostate to allow the blood to flow freely, bringing with it, your white blood cells (your body soldiers) and the antibiotics to treat the bacteria.
Taking antibiotics, before this treatment, may lead to some bacterial resistance, making the process somewhat harder to treat, nevertheless still treatable.
The complications of prostatitis, erectile issues, urine flow etc can also be treated at the same time.
This isn't a third world setup, as I’ve read in the forums from people in the USA.
The doctor’s waiting area is populated with patients from around the world, this shows how very little else there is available to treat chronic prostatitis.
This treatment isn’t a ‘magic pill’ and will need some time and determination from you to see the therapy through to the end, it’s not over until the doctor says it is!!
In the meantime, help yourself by cutting out all sugar products, alcohol and hot spices.
Whichever name you give your illness, Acute, Chronic or Pelvic Pain Syndrome...... it’s all the same disease caused by bacteria in your prostate.
Don’t be fooled by varying descriptions and quick fixes of your symptoms.... they soon return!
This therapy method is a CURE and can be the lifeline to your future.
Please don't wait like I did, this disease will only become worse and more difficult to treat the longer you put off taking control it!
At the very least, take the test in Athens, It showed 4 bacteria for me, everywhere else 1 or 0!"

End of testimonial for Dr Georgiadis by one of his patients...

 June 2018

[Update 2]

Another person who we have been in contact with for ~a year has written to us with his experiences at the Dr Georgiadis Clinic, they have been translated below:


"My experiences in receiving treatment for Chronic Prostatitis in Athens"

I am a man of 41 years..
I have suffered from chronic prostatitis since 2011
Symptoms - burning in right testicle and perineal area, pressure in the groin and abdomen, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, body cramping, general fatigue.
No pathogen or bacteria has ever been identified in my home country. (only biofilm and elevated leucocyte counts)
I have tried certain types of treatment without success like many patients : Antibiotics.. Oflocet, Ceftriaxone IV, prostate massage, naturopathy..

After having seen a Youtube video by Dr Pavlos Georgiadis [see at bottom of this page], I spent two months at his Clinic in Greece, April and May 2018

Day 1:


  • Ultrasound of the prostate and kidneys which revealed inflammatory zones, "red spots", in the prostate gland and showed clogged seminal vesicles.
  • The prostate was small (15 ml)
  • I did two uroflowmetry tests where urine retention was observed


  • One session of "prostatic pressures"
  • The patient is leaning forward.
  • The Doctor presses 4 times for 40 seconds to 1 minute on the prostate (via the rectum)
  • Very uncomfortable and such a long time!
  • Very painful (less painful after 2 weeks)
  • Just after the sessions, I went to the Mycolab laboratory by taxi for a semen test.
  • Results available in one week's time.
  • Two bacteria are detected: Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus faecalis
  • Sensitivities are done.

Weeks 1,2 and 3:

I was prescribed 2 antibiotics (Augmentin + Prixina), 2 probiotics (Lactolevure + Ultralevure)
In addition, I went twice a day to the office of Dr. Georgiadis for treatment.
The Doctor managed to convince me to do additional treatment (which was expensive) to improve my erections, which consisted of twice a week: Piezowaves Therapy plus Penis Pumps plus Penis Injections

Week 4:
Continuation of treatment

  • A second ultrasound (prostate only) is performed in the middle of the treatment.
  • It shows improvements: fewer "red spots", seminal vesicles less clogged
  • A new uroflowmetry test, improvement found

Week 5 and 6:

Continuation and then end of treatment


  • Despite the improvement shown in the tests, I did not see any improvement in my health.
  • The Doctor had announced a goal of 80% (at least) reduction of symptoms after 6 weeks of the 1st phase of treatment.
  • There was no "real" erection during or after treatment
  • Full persistence of symptoms after my return to my country.
  • In short, this was expensive and totally ineffective treatment
  • The promises of the Doctor were not realised


  • Sessions of "pressing" the prostate, each session was: €50 and as there were 65 sessions in total: €3,250
  • Cost of Antibiotics: €230
  • Ultrasound + Uroflometry, each test was €250 and as two tests were done, total: €500
  • Mycolab laboratory tests: each test = €290, one test done, total: €290
  • Piezo-waves treatment + penis pumps, each session was €160, and as 8 sessions were done, total: €1 280

Total cost for treatment was €5 550

Additional costs excluding treatment:

  • Airbnb housing: €950 for 7 weeks
  • Athena ticket for public transport: €9 for 5 days (€30 per month)
  • Food: cheap in Greece (treatment requires a strict diet: no sugar, no spices, no dairy products, etc.)

Total cost therefore was in the region of €7,200 (~US$8,500)

 [End of patient report]



This man has suffered from bacterial prostatitis (undiagnosed) for some 7 years.
We have received reports of some benefit having been gained by patients receiving treatment from Dr Georgiadis, however we've never received a verifiable positive report from anyone who has had infectious prostatitis for longer than a few months.
Dr Georgiadis uses a version of the "Manila Protocol", this person above went to great pains to insist that he did not! receive prostate massage or the "Manila Protocol", rather just "pressure on the prostate" sessions.
We cannot see much difference between the two (massage, squeezed, pushed/pressured - all various versions of prostate manipulation)

Again, any form of prostate massage followed by antibiotics has been largely discredited especially for longer term patients and this man's account is just one more example of this.

Update June 2019

Here's a copy of a reply from Dr Georgiadis to an email written by a verified** patient asking if Dr Georgiadis could cure his condition (this patient has never had a positive lab. test result, so there was little clinical background he could give the Doctor, which makes the blanket "cure" reply even more ridiculous).

The reply the patient received clearly indicated that the good Doctor is a miracle worker !

<Beginning of patient-received reply>

Dear Mr <patient name>,

Thank you for your message. So:

1) Everything you have mentioned is very common for me. I have faced so
far, a certain number of cases with similar symptomatology wich always
comes from the inflammatory prostatic disease. Indifferently from the
prostate enlargement or not, the symptoms come from the chronic
inflammatory lesions which among the other things they might cause, mainly
strangulate the nerves inside the prostate tissue and depending on the
place can generate a variety of symptoms.
2) I am always dealing with the most difficult cases as i receive many
patients from abroad, who previously have visited many urologists with
similar opinions and treatments as you have mentioned in your email.
3) The only methodology that can cure Chronic Prostatitis permanently, is
the one I have developed. You can find more information here: www.

4) So to answer your question if i can cure you, i simply answer *yes *since,
i am the only one maybe in the world that i have already cured all the
different and most difficult cases of chronic prostatitis along with their

<End of patient-received reply>


I'm sure it won't escape any person using a modicum of caution that:

1/ The good Doctor says "The only methodology that can cure Chronic Prostatitis permanently, is
the one I have developed"
2/ He also says "i have already cured all the different and most difficult cases".

.. only the most desperate would ignore the WARNING embedded in these two aspects of his answer.

We had formed a better opinion of Dr Georgiadis from earlier contact and emails, however the blatant untruths in this reply, as stated, should hopefully be obvious to any chronic prostatitis sufferer.


**"Verified" refers to the fact that we have established the patient who has contacted us is a real person and that their name, address/email match their country of origin.

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