The Manila Protocol - Philippines

The Manila Protocol; Prostatitis and Prostate Massage (not! direct injections)

The Manila Protocol refers to a technique whereby the prostate is massaged (sometimes termed as drainage), prostate emissions (EPS) are analysed and antibiotics indicated by the analyses are administered. (seeking to remedy Prostatitis)

The technique was popularised by two Philippinos, the Felicianos and so is also sometimes termed, "The Feliciano Method". The originator or "father" of the method, Dr Antonio Novak Feliciano used this technique for many years and after passing away, his Clinic carried on with a Dr Felino Fernandez and a Dr Richard Quilang (Dr Quilang was reported killed in a road accident 22/05/2012) who were last active in 2007 that we know of.. (update March 2014 - we've been unable to find any trace of Dr Fernandez, if any reader has any information, please let us know via the contact form). The various website domain names seem to all have been given up, but you can read about Dr A.N. Feliciano's Manila Protocol techniques here.

We know of many Westerners having travelled to Dr A N Feliciano for prostate massage treatment during what was the "heyday" of this treatment method. Few claimed to have had any long-lasting benefits. A common first-hand account from an early Western patient was that Dr A N Feliciano was a genuine person and a bit of a character, but as with the general concensus, this man's prostatitis symptoms reduced only to return in full force after two months of the cessation of the "Manila Protocol" treatment.

Dr. Antonio E. Feliciano, Jr. (Dr Antonio Novak's son) continues practicing the Manila Protocol in a Clinic at Makati, his website makes interesting reading, however, again, there is now little evidence that this method is worth the time and cost of travelling to the Philippines.. one thing is for sure, don't make the mistake of referring to Antonio E, as Antonio Novak, his father.. or you'll be summarily excommunicated! Father and son appear to have had a falling out and the son appears to be very sensitive about being linked to his father in any way. Another thing is sure, it was his father who was the originator of popularizing the method, and his son simply carries on the same form of treatment..


Like Doctor Yang's herbs, Dr A. E. Feliciano's Manila Protocol method is a possible stop-gap measure. However, unlike Dr Yang who simply marks up common herb preparations numerous times, Dr A. E. Feliciano's treatment costs are sizeable, and as the treatment has an extremely high failure rate at the 6 month mark, the expense would be far better saved and used on the only method so far showing a very good level of success; that is, direct injections. (In fact we know of no-one who has reported a long-lasting "cure" with the Manila Protocol).

You can read more about just the prostate massage component part of the prostatitis treatment here.

Dr Ilya Kaploun in Toronto also appears to follow the Manila Protocol in his treatment

Here's some more links about the Manila Protocol, full of controversy and claims and counterclaims, many too dated to do anything but confuse the overall picture..

Discussion about Dr A. N Feliciano's Manila Protocol

Livelier discussion about Dr A. N. Feliciano's Manila Protocol

The Manila Protocol onslaught with little factual benefit post-2012

And lastly, probably the best and more up-to-date information on The Manila Protocol featuring input from several prominent Prostatitis Doctors and A. E. Feliciano

dr ae feliciano

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