Prostatitis-Infertility-BPH Cure-Treatment Clinic in China

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Review of the Prostatitis Treatment Clinic in China; treating Prostatitis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Infertility (resulting from infection)

This Clinic is one of the main Direct Injection Clinics in the world and has been treating many Western patients for more than a decade.

They have several important differences in their treatment protocol from those of North America and Europe;

  • Based on long first-hand experience, they are an authority Clinic in the detection and eradication of genitourinary infection in men and women, many of their patients coming from North America.
  • They have a crucial difference in their injected formulas, extra to infection-killing antibiotics, and this difference is probably a key to their success. Only one Clinic in Europe is trying to replicate this factor (Dr Guercini) with less success due to the short treatment period they offer (far too few injections). This difference is their formula for breaking down blocked and infected ducts, tracts and passageways, exposing hidden infection which can be killed by the antibiotic/antifungal injections being administered. Without this "unblocking" injected formula, they say that any treatment for Prostatitis and PID has a much lower success rate.
  • Unlike several North American Clinics they do not use trans-rectal injections, rather fine-needle intra-perineal injections which may be preferable.
  • Unlike the other leading Clinics (whether treating Prostatitis or PID), they believe that 3 - 10 injections as administered by Drs Bahn, Guercini, Toth etc., as well as the period of days to a week inbetween are totally insufficient for a lasting condition cure. They typically administer bi-lateral (2) injections on a daily basis for at least 30 days, depending on isolated pathogens and progressive treatment results.
  • They have recently opened another Clinic treating BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) in men. They have developed another proprietary process for this.

What are the Pros and Cons of seeking treatment at this Chinese Clinic?


  • This is a long-established treatment center treating all forms of Prostatitis, PID and infertility related to infection, male and female.
  • An "unblocking" process of a level unrivalled by other World Clinics except for Dr Guercini in Rome.
  • All non-medical expenses are low-priced by Western country standards. 4
  • Per injection charges are a fraction of what Doctors like Guercini and Toth charge, but the longer treatment period adds up to about the same for the shorter treatment periods at other Clinics


  • Their Prostatitis/Infertility treatment is a proprietary process, unavailable elsewhere, therefore a patient must travel to China for treatment . 3
  • They are unlikely to agree to anything less than a 30 day period as they state that their treatment period is one of the cornerstones of their success.
  • Being a long-established clinic they have come in for a fair share of the anonymous vitriol that haunts poorly-moderated forums. The main subject is alleged cases of hepatitis which apparently date to 2007. Our own personal experience in the far more recent past encountered nothing that could be seen as less than an acceptable standard of hygiene and care.

NB: From time to time we get accused of being an "Agent" of a Prostatitis Treatment Clinic. Depending on the degree of wackiness of any one accuser, this has included any and all Clinics, with the Chinese Clinic being at the top of the list.. FOR THE RECORD, WE HAVE NO AFFILIATION OF ANY KIND WITH ANY CLINIC, OUR OBSERVATIONS AND RATINGS ARE THE RESULT OF OUR OWN TREATMENT EXPERIENCES AND THOSE OF THOUSANDS OF PATIENTS WHO HAVE WRITTEN TO US. If you can find assistance through what you read on this website about any one Clinic, you are welcome, however do your own due diligence thoroughly, ask any Clinic for references of recent past patients and email them directly yourself.

Summary: Their unblocking formula phase and the longer treatment time appear to be the crucial difference that sets them apart from all of the North American Clinics. 2  However, as with all Clinics, do your own due diligence carefully.

If you have Prostatitis, PID, are a single person or a couple and you have fertility problems/an inability to conceive, OR you have been diagnosed with BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), you can send this Clinic details of your condition for an assessment by their Chief Doctor, via the following link: Free Assessment by the Prostatitis/Infertility Clinic in China

Changsha - Home of Prostatitis Treatment - China 

More on Doctor Song at the bottom of this page on Dr Bahn

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