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Review of Doctor Lihua Yang In Shenzhen and his Herbal remedies for curing Prostatitis (affecting Infertility)

Doctor Yang is one of many companies selling herbal preparations from Asia and his "formulas" have been around for a very long time and have been tried by many, many patients.

The components of the herbal preparations involved are in common use in China, and can be dispensed with all the necessary instructions by the plethora of practitioners of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for pennies.. only catch being, you have to visit China and stay a while!

Otherwise the preparations can be ordered from Doctor Yang at outrageous prices considering the normal street value of the ingredients. However Doctor Yang is doing no more than filling a niche and selling to people who have an often desperate need for symptom relief and thus are prepared to pay almost anything. His 3 week course at $US600 should be in the region of $US80 for his manufactured products which would still give a high profit.


No person we've talked to has ever reported anything more than symptom relief, usually for 1 to 3 months or so, however most report no relief at all.. Doctor Yang claims to have cured hundreds of thousands of Prostatitis cases around the world, a ludicrous claim.. if it were actually true that some common herbs could do such a thing, Prostatitis would already be a thing of the past.

We've corresponded with Doctor Yang in the past assessing his treatment and can state that his assistant's level of English makes understanding anything a real trial.. These manglings of the English language are still common in his website below.


We think it a reasonable summary that no thoughts of a cure resulting from Dr Yang's remedies should be entertained. However, along with our other recommendations of symptom control, his extortionate-priced remedies may be useful as an interim measure while you make preparations to visit a direct injections Clinic.

Read about Doctor Yang and his prostatitis formulas here.

If you wish to try out Doctor Yang's formulas for Prostatitis symptom relief, email his assistant at:  or  .. it is not advised to use the phone number he gives on his website unless you can speak Chinese.

Doctor Yang - Herbal formulas for Prostatitis