A Guide to Specialist Prostatitis Clinics Treating Infection causing Prostatitis, PID & Infertility

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A significant proportion of cases of Prostatitis, PID and Infertility defy all conventional treatment attempts.

Infertility Clinics World Treating Infection This is usually due to INFECTION, past and/or present and once such infections become deep-seated and established, Western medicine protocols have a very poor success rate

In cases of Infertility, even if (non-infection related) treatment produces a successful pregnancy, the fetus can be at significant risk from the still present Infections.

For such affected patients the only cure they have got available with a good success rate are DIRECT INJECTIONS of (usually antibiotic) drugs right in the affected areas which will result in a much greater local strength than oral antibiotics and other oral medicines, whilst at the same time not flooding and killing off good flora in the body. 

There are only a few Prostatitis Treatment Clinics around the world who specialize in identifying and treating infections of the genitourinary system; specifically treating prostatitis (sometimes also causing male infertility), pelvic inflammatory disease and undiagnosed infertility conditions, all as a result of past/present infections. Some use Direct Injections, others specialize in prostate massage treatment and there are many who market or "peddle" traditional medicines.

These Prostatitis (PID & infertility) Treatment Clinics all have a variety of efficacy track records and options, some resulting in much higher success rates than others. Read about those Prostatitis Clinics closest to you, the best, the good and the not-so-good..

Take note of the reviewer's comments regarding the pro's and con's of each Clinic in the country sections below. Use the blue link headings to navigate..

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Fertility Clinics in AsiaSouth-East Asia, especially China is the home of a number of Prostatitis and PID Infection Clinics. Some are based on direct injections, some on now-discredited methods and others on herbal/traditional medicine treatment.

  • Read about the power and efficacy of direct injection courses of antibiotics with good infertility cure results.
  • Read about Prostate massage (prostatitis)
  • Asia is the mail order home of traditional treatment preparations (natural) sent to Prostatitis and PID sufferers all over the world. Although many have found symptom relief from traditional medicine products, such relief typically never lasts for long after the treatment courses are finished.


Infertility Clinics in EuropeThere are a small number of leading Prostatitis, PID and Infertility treatment Clinics in Europe, led by Doctor Guercini. Read about his methods and success rate.





infertility-clinics-north-americaNorth American Prostatitis/PID treatment Clinics are few and prominent in number. Overall they are sought after because of proximity for American citizens and the chance of the treatment bill being accepted by an individual's insurance company, however their success rate has often been criticised by treated patients.. Read our Clinic reviews in the blue section link above..