100 Ways Towards a Chronic Prostatitis Cure

prostatitis cure unstoppable 1  1    The most important thing I can say.. that will pick you up and keep you going is your own DRIVE to want a Prostatitis Cure and the right to going back to enjoying life. This is CRUCIAL.

YOU have an absolute right to live a happy, pain-free life, no arrogant Doctors, no way-off diagnoses, no effective slamming of doors in your face, can be taken as knock-backs or failures.

You have to KNOW and BELIEVE that there are many many people who have gone before you who have taken on an unbelievable amount of persistence and courage and HAVE REFUSED TO TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.

Every knock-back has made these people go even harder, BECAUSE the option is.. THERE IS NO OPTION, YOU WILL knock on Doctors doors until your knuckles bleed. You will stand up for yourself and you will do it with Unstoppability - NOTHING will STOP YOU.

  2    The very next thing you have control over is what youEAT When you're in pain the last thing you want to do is exercise and bad food habits soon sneak in; many Prostatitis sufferers end up overweight. To help keep your symptoms down what you eat is extremely important.


  3    The very next thing you have control over is what youDRINK, specifically.. alcohol Again, when you're in pain it's very easy to get down, and then self control over consumption of alcoholic drinks can be very difficult. Alcohol can play absolute havoc with your symptoms and too much alcohol can only make you feel worse when the buzz all wears off. I have detailed my story on how I managed to overcome this, this link opens in another page so you can stay on this page..


  4    The very next thing you have control over is how youEXERCISE
Exercise helps keeps your weight where it should be but it also can do wonders for your state of mind.


  5    If you have experience any of the following with your Doctor/Urologist: - Received crazy diagnoses, like it's all in your head, nothing wrong with you, you have reactive arthritis, no cheap quick test result and so you've got non-bacterial prostatitis. - If your doctor prescribed antibiotics (a GUESS) without even trying to get a test result - If your Doctor resisted referring you to a Specialist.. FIRE THEM and find another, AND if they start the same thing, FIRE THEM TOO, and keep going until you find someone who remembers what the Hippocratic Oath is all about..


  6    Save Money Like your life depends on it.. We have a tendency to sink into pain, get poorly treated by our Doctors and eventually accept it as the new you. Getting properly diagnosed and treated requires money, even outside Health Insurance, so SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. If you've been living higher than your income, maxing credit cards, now's the time to fix it, don't kill the cards, you might need them for a line of credit if a treatment option becomes available, in the meantime, give them to someone else to look after and seriously cut the fat in your expenses. NOW


  7    Time to examine Relationships

Relationships can come under a huge amount of strain when you've got a condition like Chronic Prostatitis which is so poorly cared for by the Medical system. Being sick can bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. One thing is for sure, you need good people around you when you're sick, not to be sorry for you, but give you loyalty and support when you most need it. If you're married and things are not going well, your options are limited. If you're in a toxic relationship that you can do something about, then do it. Commit to real action about your medical situation so that you are not fighting battles on more than one front.


  8    Time to seriously look at your job

In a good job? good, you're going to need it. If you can do a night course or units of higher study recognized by your employer that will make your position more secure, do it now. If the job is not good, but you still have options for an alternative, look hard at them. If the options are limited, stay the course and protect the job in the best way you can. I've had many people write to me who had insecure jobs which they quickly lost as their health deteriorated. .


prostatitis cure attitude lean 1  9    We've talked in [1] about ATTITUDE

A leaner, tighter life will put you in good stead to fight diagnosis and treatment battles. And your attitude will often determine how Doctors see you; whether they take notice of you, whether they respect you, in short, how they treat you.

When we're sick it is very easy to sound "needy", and of course you are, you "need" experienced qualified medical help. But sounding needy, in my experience, will achieve the exact opposite of what you need.. Wives will divorce you, what you thought were life-long friends will walk away from you, your most trusted friends even, will start to grow tired of you.

Like any campaign, you have to be aware of your assets, and true friends are your greatest asset. Realize how your behavior sounds and walk and talk as tall as you are able. Complaining to anyone who will listen, again, will rob you of your greatest assets.

prostatitis cure no risky behavior 1  10    Behavior extremely risky to your Chronic Prostatitis condition:

In keeping with the pain and worry of Chronic Prostatitis, there not just potential problems, if income, diet, exercise, drinking, relations aren't all thoughtfully managed.

Risky behavior like unprotected sex with new girlfriends or even for hire, demands a rule that you must accept and never break. Fixing one chronic downstream infection is hard enough but if you are adding new ones to the mix, you're playing with dynamite.

Remember that never, never should you have unprotected sex, and even if you're married you may need to recognize that pitting antibiotic courses against reinfections just don't make sense. AND.. the more antibiotic courses you take, it is generally starting to be recognized that you are more like to pick up infections more easily (Doctor prescribed antibiotic abuse).

  11    About ATTITUDE; Every time I identify something I can Improve in my Attitude, try as I might, I SLIP BACK AGAIN..

We've talked in [1] and [9] about ATTITUDE.. How you "think" and approach situations, can literally can be the difference between a Urologist, for example, taking notice of you or dismissing you.

It sounds easy but I know it can be so hard to shake off those attitudes which were "hard-wired" into our minds as young children. It's those very attitudes that make fixing "ATTITUDE" so hard.. and I really mean HARD, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

Here in this "100 Ways", Number 11, I want to show you ONE HUGE KEY.

Here is a seminal video.. from Brian Ridgway, if you can GET this and KEEP it, then you're on your way.

  12    A lot more coming BOOKMARK this page...

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