How to Cure Infertility

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Once all options have been exhausted, there are still a significant number of couples who have achieved no resolution for their infertility problems no matter what infertility treatment they've tried.

The overwhelming cause of infertility for people in this category is the effects of past and/or present infections. As explained in the other sections of prostatitis and pelvic inflammatory disease, blocked and damaged tracts and ducts in both the male and female genitourinary system that have got to this stage are unlikely to be resolved by the normal treatment protocols in a Western country.

Both male and female genitourinary infections that have progessed to a chronic stage are extremely hard to treat by conventional Western medicine (usually oral antibiotics).

However there are a small number of specialist Clinics around the world which can treat deep embedded infections, some with great success. The absolute key to this successful treatment is direct injections of antibiotics (and antifungals according to the infections involved).

Once these infections have been established, oral antibiotics are rarely successful because of their typically poor genitourinary reach. All they may do in a chronic situation is to give some relief which soon disappears once the antibiotics course is finished.

Further, oral antibiotics, even with their poor general genitourinary reach, cannot breakdown and clear tracts and ducts that are blocked by infected debris and other agents like calcification (in men). One Clinic in particular has been very successful in this regard and it deserves special consideration as you look at your future treatment options.

For the significant proportion of people who remain infertile with or without diagnosed conditions like prostatitis and pelvic inflammatory disease, there is one proven course of treatment which will kill pathogens no matter how deeply or well establshed they may be, and that is direct injections right to the location of the infection and clearing our all blockages at the same time.

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At an advanced stage of infertility, with seemingly, no hope of any success, direct injections are the only solution for prostatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and general unresponsive infertility.


Ruth Lathi, MD - Director of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Program