Prostatitis Prevention

Discussing ways of preventing prostatitis, prior and post treatment..

In a nutshell.. never, ever have sex with a new partner without using condoms, unsafe sex is probably THE biggest cause of prostatitis..

  • Even if a relationship goes on to develop, using condoms gives you time to learn more about your partner and infection-based genitourinary problems that may be affecting them.
  • Because the female urogenital system is an "open" system, infectious agents like chlamydia may be asymptomatic in females, but create havoc in the male system.
  • Once an infection has become established in the male urogenital system (chronic), it is notoriously hard to locate and treat.

Aside from that:

  • Always drink penty of fluids (mostly water) so that you urinate regularly and fairly frequently.
  • Maintain good hygiene, clean underwear, clean genitals, especially the penis head.
  • Seek medical assistance immediately if you suspect urinary tract infection. Ensure a swab is taken and laboratory grown and the right drug is used for any pathogen that is isolated. This one fact alone could avoid a lot of heartache.. Let me repeat that a little more clearly.. seeking the right help immediately might just save you a lifetime of pain, although I suspect that the reason you're here reading this is that it is already too late.

Re-infection post-treatment

  • If you've been fortunate enough to have had an infection successfuly treated, remember the original source of the infection may still be present and so could still be reacquired. Remember your partner may be symptom-less! Re-acquring the same infection may be make it harder to treat the next time.
  • In spite of what you may have heard or read, genitourinary infections are potentially very serious. They have the ability to ruin your life by rendering you infertile, creating pain, depression and even far worse infections/conditions as your immune system gets slowly but surely compromised by repeat courses of drugs, and even eventually to poverty from inability to work and the costs of treatment.

BEWARE: prostatitis. pelvic inflammatory disease and resulting infertility can all be prevented, use condoms and ensure you get your partner treated at the same time if you encounter problems.




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