Natural medicinal products that helped my Prostatitis

Here's a list of the (few) natural products that helped my prostatitis symptoms:

Note: I'm listing things here that either "Definitely" helped or gave "Some Help" or "No Help!" (for me).

The products can probably best be bought on Amazon where I always made sure to go for the more expensive brand with a good company history.

Products helping BACTERIAL Infections..

The HIGHEST Anti-Bacterial performer of them ALL!

Vitamin C - don't please under-rate this. If you have an infection and it is bacterial and depending on the exact bacteria, Vitamin C may actually go as far as to suppress it totally! This is NOT your average "kids taking vitC for a cold". This is a fact well-known by older Doctors but usually pretty much ignored in this current big Pharma world of Doctors urged to only push expensive drugs.

Have a try reading the notes under, this may give you enough help so that you can concentrate on your next step for lasting medical treatment.

Dose: Unlikely to have much effect under 1gram a day (metrics is a lot more specific in small quantity medications). You probably should try 1gram in the morning and 1gm at night, as long as you observe the precaution below. You need to buy a serving spoon from a drug store that you can measure 1 gram a time into, otherwise trying to use a teaspoon will give you wildly varying amounts. Just stir it for 15 - 20 seconds to dissolve. The effect is within a few hours at the most. If you get no noticeable results in regard to your prostatitis symptoms after a week, I would reduce to 500mg a day simply as a helpful general amount to take to help with colds, getting run-down etc.

Precautions: Few, just make sure you drink a good amount of water, otherwise oxalates may build up in the kidneys and stones form. There are many people who have taken this level of Vitamin C all their lives without problems. I also asked three Doctors; the first was decidedly cool and mumbled "drink enough water", the second was wildly enthuiastic and said take more, the third was a friend and I changed the question; I asked him what was the best natural product that could knock down bacteria and he said "take 2 grams of Vitamin C a day!".

Summary: The great thing about Vitamin C is that side-effects are nil (just drink plenty of water), as against many herbal preparations which can knock you around in higher quantities. A big benefit is that IF YOU HAVE A BACTERIAL INFECTION THAT IT WORKS AGAINST, you will know pretty quickly, because the symptom difference is extremely noticeable.
A high-quality Vitamin C product is the FIRST thing to try in the natural medications department.

NEXT: (Bacteria) I found the right type of garlic (Allicin) had a noticeable effect on bacterial symptoms, not as good as Vitamin C, but definitely worth taking. It took me a little while to find a good product (Allimax 100% Allicin 180mg). I took 2 a day and it was a bit expensive, but I kept it up for a long time.

NEXT (Bacteria): I purchased the best available of the following products and got no discernable response

  • Quercetin
  • Propolis
  • Black Walnut Hulls

Products helping FUNGAL Infections..

Candida - after, for some, years of antibiotics, guys can end up with Candida

Expectations: It is hard to get rid of, it takes a long time, and although there are ways to help, as below (mostly resulting in suppression), many cases need Fluconazole for a  resolution. For a serious persistant infection of Candida, oral Fluconazole probably won't cut it. It may need a fairly long course of bladder instills and prostate and seminal vesicles injections.

Suppressors of Candida:

Getting your urine alkalinity (testable with strips from the drug store) to a good level can readily be achieved by taking sodium bicarbonate, and/or the citric packs that are often stocked by drug stores or prescribed for women for cystitis. There are a ton of references online, especially here:
I won't go through all the stuff, it's been so well written up, but here's a few things to note:

  • Many people claim to have candida but don't. For a prostatitis sufferer after years of a pounding of antibiotics, if the drugs can ever be stopped, for example as a result of an unbroken period of direct injections, it is not at all unusual for candida to take off. Like bacteria, once candida is chronic, it is hard to culture.
  • Once it moves into the rhizome stage, it becomes serious, very hard to beat, you will know if it is in the bladder because it has "hooks" which some people can clearly feel.
  • Alkalinizing involves things like lemon juice which because they are "acid" sound counterproductive, however once consumed it becomes the opposite.. alkalinizing
  • WARNING: taking "powders" like sodium bicarbonate,  potassium bicarbonate, etc., longer term are likely to cause gallstones amongst other things, which can lead to SERIOUS PROBLEMS

Mannose helps prevent candida "clinging" to the bladder surface (it makes the surface slippery), it definitely works without the possibility of causing gallbladder stones, but is a daily aid, not a cure. Take it once, morning, noon and night.

Buy a box of test strips to test pH, they work well and are a good price and are a necessity, otherwise you are "flying blind".

NSAIDS, like Ibuprofen are prescribed like candy by some Doctors (many Doctors). They have long been implicated in heart attacks and strokes and the FDA in July 2015 raised the warning to even include the casual, short-term user. NSAIDS inhibit the production of prostaglandins in the body which regulate many functions. My advice is to never touch them (any NSAID - there are many types as well as brand names - Advil, Aleve, and Motrin amongst them).
As an example of medical incompetence, my hospital discharged me in writing saying I had to take Ibuprofen for prostatitis pain (a cop-out for inability to treat infection), and get this.. take 400mg Ibuprofen every 4 hours, LONG-TERM - that is 2.4grams a day. CRAZY!!!

I strongly advise you not to let anyone advise you to take any sort of pain medication. The problem is that if you have, for example, bacterial prostatitis, pain medication is papering over ever-appearing cracks. The bacteria needs to be treated, blocking out the body's pain messages is not responsible medicine. If there were no cure, then it would be a necessity to relieve pain. Prostatitis can be cured, read my site here and write to me if you want suggestions specific to your situation.



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