Looking Back - A Contest for the Worst Urologist - 3

Looking Back - A Contest for the Worst Urologist - 3 - 4.6 out of 5 based on 22 votes

Keep in mind that these are all old events prior to being cured, AND I'd like to remind the reader of the purpose of these chronic prostatitis blog posts: When you've reached that time where every effort and every Doctor has failed you, it's TIME TO GET MAD.. time to get FURIOUS with such a ridiculous situation. We're currently planning an outpost on MARS and at the same time are losing the battle with serious bacterial infections of humans on planet Earth. Why is this?.. people are expendable.. read more..

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 This Urologist I saw, another new one, was not the worst I encountered but his greed was blatant; I had come to him with a sheaf, in fact, three positive urinalysis results for e-coli and as usual the screaming symptoms. He quickly read the reports and pronounced (after finding out the level of my insurance which was high) that I would need "many" operations.

I don't know what these "many" were because I flipped past the statement like he'd never said it. Bringing him back to the proven existing problem, symptoms and cause, he offered to start a course of Gentamicin ("guesswork" treatment since the sensitivities on the 3 tests were only for cheaper antibiotics), and with few options I agreed. He started it off with two days of injections at his office and arranged for another 7 days of it as IV's at a local hospital. These two were broken by a week of waiting for the hospital.

So now I'm getting a guesswork antibiotics broken with a weeks inaction, both far from ideal.

The Gentamicin worked, but 3 days into the hospital IV part, all the symptoms started coming back and by the end of the course my original condition was largely unchanged.

Back to see the Urologist who immediately and firmly state that he would not see me again until I had a TURPS procedure done by him. On asking him how surgery to relieve urethral blockage typically because of BPH would help a case where a bacterial infection is the root cause of problems, he waved his hands around and talked of ultrasounds and calcifications. The fact was that he'd seen neither, only 3 positive urinalysis results.

Now I had serious ongoing proven infection problems, imagine what a TURPS is likely to do to that, spread infection further and maybe even pick up a new one in the hospital setting, not to mention possible surgery damage to the geniourinary system, multiplying my problems.

As the reader my imagine, I politely declined (never know if I might need this guy again) and he brusquely said goodbye.

I later learned that this Urologist was doing around 10 procedures a week at an average of ~2k each!!

I also had an understanding of why he was doing so many provedures!