Superior Labs D-Mannose Dietary Supplement, 120 Vegetable Capsules

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Manufacturer Description

There are millions of people who deal with urinary tract infections (UTIs) and other digestive issues each year. Whether due to diet or a lack of good bacteria in the digestive tract, these conditions can be vastly improved by taking a healthy, natural dietary supplement like Superior Labs D-Mannose. D-Mannose is a monosaccharide hexose sugar that is part of the family of sugars in the aldohexose series. It is a sugar made by plants and is primarily found in cranberries, apples, peaches, and raspberries. D-Mannose is an exceptional supplement that can help boost urinary tract health and reduce the onset of and treat current UTIs.* Proper and consistent use of this natural supplement can also stop certain bacteria from sticking to the bladder walls. This product also supports intestinal function and liver health.*

While probiotics are designed to introduce bacteria, a prebiotic helps to stimulate the good bacteria that already exist in your digestive tract. D-Mannose acts as a fertilizer for the good bacteria that already exist in the gut, helping them to multiply and grow.* Our natural and certified organic products contain zero magnesium stearate, synthetic ingredients, anti-caking agents, dioxides, preservatives, and artificial colors or flavors. Our supplements are manufactured and developed in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility that is 3rd-party inspected by a leading compliance authority for superior quality assurance.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Features

ABSOLUTE PURITY - ZERO SYNTHETIC ADDITIVES, FILLERS, HEAVY METALS, MICROS - You will never see unneccessary additives such as stearates, dioxides, glycerides or fillers other brands use to make manufacturing cheaper, faster and easier. In addition we test all ingredients and products for industrial heavy metals polution and harmful bacteria common in plant and ingredient material. PROMOTES HEALTHY URINARY TRACT - D-Mannose is a strong supplement that can support healthy urinary tract health, Supports Digestive Health & Liver Function STRONG PREBIOTIC -D-Mannose is a prebiotic that acts as a fertilizer for the good bacteria that exist already in the gut. This helps existing bacteria thrive.* UNQUESTIONABLE QUALITY - ALL PRODUCTS PRODUCED IN 3rd PARTY CERTIFIED NSF CERTIFIED FACILITIES - All dietary supplement companies must be gmp and fda compliant. Few are and can pass the stringent standards of NSF. Our products are produced in facilities that have been 3rd party audited and certified for quality by NSF, one of the most stringent quality manufacturing assurance organizations in the industry. NO RISK, AND NO HASSLE - For almost a decade, we have been delighting Amazon customers. If you are not satisfied with the benefits, results, or are unsatisfied with the product in any other way, please contact us and we'll gladly refund your money in 48 hours or less. That's it - no questions, no hassle, no risk.

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