This website is a compilation of everything Sean Devery learned in curing his infectious chronic Prostatitis.
It includes a wealth of experience provided by some great Doctors and more than a few Doctors who caused more harm tha good.
The biggest lesson I learned was that there was no one fast remedy and that it would take more years than I wanted to know to to progress what turned out to be a journey
Talk about being more than an extended effort; it almost became a life's work.. You will be tested many times like me, before you get your desired result.

My plan knew that beyond all else if the journey went longer than I could imagine, at least by that time, new medical discoveries would solve the situation; how wrong I was on that score.

Changing your lifestyle can often make a great difference to your symptoms
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Finding out how to get a resolution of my situation involved working with Doctors, good and not-so-good from who I learned everything I write about here. From some I learned the things that should be done, from other, the things that should not be done

Many things I talk of on this website can be authoritatively ascribed to current practising Doctor and links to those people will appear next to the statements.

Notwithstanding this, remember anything you read here should always be passed by your Doctor if you wish to act on what you've read. is run by myself (Sean, pronounced "Shawn") and two other people, one of whom is still running that treatment journey.
(We have recently changed the domain name to better reflect what we do (formerly,

Sean Devery has a lot of experience with chronic infectious prostatitis and prostate injection treatment.
Sam still has similar problems and has extensively studied and undergone Bacteriophage treatment.

John is our webmaster and all other things related to the internet.

So, between us, we have a very good understanding of the challenges facing sufferers of Prostatitis (and PID). presents the main genitourinary infection treatment Clinics throughout the world, the treatment options of both Bacteriophages and Prostate Injections, and goes to some lengths to detail their treatment procedures and relative successes.

If you are in that seemingly impossible position of having hit a blank wall in making any progress with your genitourinary condition, read through our site and ask for clarification of my story whenever you need it, and explore the links of the good Doctors who make up this treatment world.

Sean Devery

Sean Devery

Medical Treatment Experience - Sean Devery

  • Sean went through 8 years of living with crippling genitourinary infections (Enterococcus)
  • He was prescribed more than 30 courses of antibiotics which did nothing more than suppress the infection
  • By 2011, the infection had become highly resistant
  • 2012 Treatment at an Injections Clinic was completed with 70 injections in total
  • 2013 Sean started this website, and since has received thousands of emails requesting publication of his medical experiences
  • Sean has the backing of two registered medical advisors

Medical Treatment Experience - Sam Dolbel

  • Sam has had a very lengthy time of chronic infectious prostatitis problems
  • He has been prescribed more than 120 courses of antibiotics over this time
  • His journey continues with the intensive help of Bacteriophage treatment which was the first breakthrough, such was the amount of resistance gained from so many past failed antibiotic treatments.

Medical Experts whose..

.. words we read, whose experience we examine and whose efforts have helped our prostatitis community. In some cases some of these professionals actively advise us:

Medical Publication Repositories

Dr Atilla Toth at the MacLeod Laboratory

Dr Atilla Toth [MACLEOD LABORATORY] specializes in dealing with Infertility, both male and female, (Prostatitis and PID) and has been in business for a long time.

Originally a student of Dr Guercini in Rome, he has now been doing prostatic injections for over 20 years, and has recently downsized to being available solely at his Clinic in Florida.

Dr Duke Bahn


Dr John William (Bill) Costerton

Dr Bill Costerton originally received degrees from the University of British Columbia (BA and MA) in Bacteriology and went on to discover fundamentals of why chronic infections in the human body become so persistent and hard to treat. He was a leader, pioneer in his field, yet much of his research and discoveries is still ignored by the Clinical side of Medicine, to the terrible detriment of so many patients.

Watch the video on the right, featuring Dr Costerton shortly before he passed away in 2012, and you will hear his polite presentation of the exact reasons why mainstream Medicine stumbles so badly with outdated test methods and their misunderstanding that chronic and acute infections behave the same..

The Fundamentals of Chronic Bacterial Infection Persistence